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This is ReVision, our Eco-Friendly Recyclable Paper Sunglasses in Round style. For people who consider round sunglasses their favorite, the round style frame of our Re:vision sunglasses, give them a unique design.

Through history, many famous people consider round shaped eyewear to be their go-to design. Celebrities like John Lennon and Janis Joplin could rarely be seen without their glasses with round shapes. If you are a creative person then round sunglasses might just be the right thing for you to wear.

The whole process for our new round sunglasses, from design, manufacturing and the final product, will put the environment first. To truly deliver a range that is 100% environmentally friendly, we will manufacture everything from the frame, bags, boxes and cleaning cloths from renewable materials.

Measurements L: 152 mm, W: 146 mm, H: 52 mm

ReVision Round - Eco-Friendly Recyclable Paper Sunglasses

SKU: 6a4bb90e
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